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How to make items

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1How to make items Empty How to make items on Sun May 12, 2013 2:19 am



I. - Required Downloads & Installation
II. - Blender Controls
III. - Rigging a Mesh
IV. - Exporting a Mesh
V. - Adding your Mesh to IT


I. - Required Downloads & Installation

-If you have newer versions of any of these, move/delete them, they won't work. You MUST have the exact downloads below.
**If you do not have a program that can open .rar files, you'll need 7-Zip.

Pyton: http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.6.2/python-2.6.2.amd64.msi

Blender: http://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.49b/blender-2.49b-windows.exe

Download and install Python and Blender first.

Secondly, you'll need these scripts for Blender.

Exporter: http://www.xullum.net/lefthand/downloads/temp/BlenderExport.zip

Script Bundle: http://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.49b/blender-2.49b-script_bundle.zip

Once you have the scripts downloaded, you'll need to EXTRACT the contents, and copy them to the scripts folder, located in
C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts
C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts

Conclusively, you'll need the

Old OgreCommandLineTools.

Once you have downloaded the .rar, extract it directly to your C: drive. Don't worry, there is a folder inside the rar, so extracting it directly won't cause the contents to spill all over your C: drive.


II. - Blender Controls

If you really need a huge list of controls, you can Bing/Google/Etc it, but I'm just going to list some basic ones to help you get started, this isn't much of a meshing tutorial. Rigging, rather.

Mouse Wheel Click + Drag = Rotate View
Right Click = Select (Probably the most confusing thing about blender. Left click doesn't do much.)
Shift + Mouse Wheel Click + Drag = Drag View
Mouse Wheel Scroll = Zoom

Tab = Toggle between Object Mode and Edit Mode

B + Left Mouse Click + Drag = Select Vertices (Edit Mode)

III. - Rigging a Mesh

Part One - Adding Armature;

1. Start with a mesh that is ready to be rigged.
2. In object mode, press Space, then click Armature.
3. In the menu, some options will appear. Select X-Ray & Stick. Leave the rest at their defaults.
4. Tab to edit mode, and select both points on the armature.
5. A new box will appear titled "Armature Bones," then under "Selected Bones," change "BO: Bone" to "BO:Main"
6. Tab to object mode, and then click your mesh, then tab to edit.
7. Select ALL the vertices on your mesh.
8. Under the ME: and OB: sections for your object, there is a Vertex Group section. Click New.
9. Rename the Group to Main
10. Click Assign. (To test if it was assigned correctly, click Deselect, and then Select. It should select all vertices.)
11. Tab to object mode, and then click Add Modifier.
12. Click Armature.
13. In the Ob: blank, write Armature
14. Press enter. DO NOT APPLY.
15. Press F7. In the Par: blank, write Armature. (This may or may not cause the mesh to jump. If it does, just slide it back to place. If not, don't worry about it.)
16. Test the connection. Select the Armature and grab it. Dragging it around should cause the item to move with it. (Only in object & pose mode.)
//If no, look over all previous steps.
//If yes, continue;

Part Two - Floor Animation;

1. Press NumPad 7. This is the view you need to set up the floor animation, what your object will look like when it's dropped in-game.
-The X axis is the 'floor' and the Y axis shows how far in the ground the object will be. Anything hanging below the X axis in this view will be underground in-game.
2. Split the screen, make the new side the Action Editor.
3. On the new side, there is a dropdown box that says Action Editor, next to that there is a button that looks like the dropdown one. Click it, and then click ADD NEW.
4. Rename this action to Floor
5. Back on the mesh side, select the armature, and then go into Pose Mode.
6. Keeping in mind how the view works here, position the mesh how you'd like it to appear on the ground in-game.
7. After you have it positioned, press I, then click VisualLocRot.
8. Something will appear in the Action Editor. Which is good, just leave it there.
-You may have scrolled away from the Action if it does not appear, just put your mouse on the big light grey area in the front of the action window and scroll around until you find it, if you already see it, then that works too. xD)
//If no, look over this section.
//If yes, continue;

Part Three - Equip Animation;
-This one never looks right on the first try, you'll just have to play around with it.

1. Click the dropdown button just before the current "Floor" action.
2. Click ADD NEW
3. Name this action Equip
4. Position the item accordingly to how it should attach to the desired bone on the character model.
5. Press I, then click VisualLocRot.
-Now test; switch between the Floor and Equip animations, and they should look different/how you had them.
//If no, you may have to VisualLocRot them again.
//If yes, proceed to export.


IV. - Exporting a Mesh

1. Make sure you have both the mesh and armature selected via object mode before entering ogre meshes exporter in File, Export..., OGRE Meshes.
2. Under Animation Settings of [your object], it will say skeleton, and then have an add button. Press Add twice.
3. Change the first Animation to Floor, and the other should already say Equip.
4. Under Material settings, change Scene.material to whatever you want the Mat file to be.
5. Leave only Rendering Materials checked.
6. For the path blank, put C:\OgreCommandLineTools
7. On the buttons under that, uncheck Fix Up Axis to Y.
8. Check the OrgeXMLConverter button.
9. Export.


V. - Adding your Mesh to IT

After exporting, the mesh's files will be in your selected path, which should be the OgreCommandLineTools folder, in your C: drive.
Copy the mesh and skeleton files, and paste them in the models folder of your game.
Copy the material file and paste it into the scripts folder of your game.
Go to your game's main folder, and find Items.cfg, and open it in notepad.
Make a new line at the top or bottom.
Paste this in;
Now replace mesh with the mesh's actual name.
Replace name with what you want it to be called in-game.
Replace bone with the bone it should be attached to.

Bone Guide:

How to make items Itboneguidetutorial_by_xruby1234x-d5whhy8

There. Your item is in game.
Whether you have access to it or not, depends.
If you can access the cd1.dat file, you can make it be a drop from prey.
Or, if you are an admin, you can spawn it, by using the mesh name. {MESH}, not {NAME}.


Have fun. Very Happy

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