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We are returned!

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1We are returned! Empty We are returned! on Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:19 am

Hello guys!

Yea i know.... i think 2 or more months i was not here, becouse i had other works, and theres too hollidays and i go into camp, so i need to left 8-9 days, when i get back to home i continue with  my work and send here more and more informations. Really sorry for that i doesn´t was here, sorry. I TOO help to new little nice comunnity :)Its an IT server and its nammed Fun4AllUniversity and this nice server you can found here--->http://fun4alluniverse.proboards.com
I am there too admin, this is a little demo for us Razz
So enjoy it and hope you readed these news. Thanks.

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