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1NEW OFFICIAL WEB PAGE!!!!!!! Empty NEW OFFICIAL WEB PAGE!!!!!!! on Tue Jul 09, 2013 2:11 am

Hello, dear member.

For up-dates in-games we need close this forum and make new one, hope you re not angry! We need only new forum , becouse game is comming soon! Its now public for Administrators, so it mean, will be too for members and our staff. Why can´t all staff members only Administrators? Becouse our server have bugs in connection for now, but i hope i fix it. Why for administrators? Becouse Administrators are HEAD of the game, they help me to make it up and happy. They help me make other members smile and enjoy our gameplay. So thanks for administrators and staff for new stuffs and amazing things for our great Impressive Title server, Soul Paws. I too thanks for KITO forum, becouse the half help of this is from KITO forum, so thanks to answering my questions to Slycan and RedEye, too for others. :-)

New forum can found here: http://soul-paws-official.proboards.com/

NOTE: You need again register.


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