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How to tame a pet

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1How to tame a pet Empty How to tame a pet on Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:00 am

I have tried many different ways at taming for many different kinds of critters and I thought I'd pass on how to go totally Pokemon on those critters and throw many pokeballs at it. <3

So the most important thing you need is a reliable taming party, whether it be some of your best friends or a few strangers that seem legit. You can succeed in taming with one other person but I highly recommend you have up to at least two other people with you. Your party can help you get tames faster as well knock down the life of the critter you are going to tame or watch it for you while you get more tames. (I also recommend you stock up on tames on one or two other characters to keep from going back and forth between maps and to reduce the chance of your critter despawning.)

~Taming land creatures~
Taming something that walks/runs can be fairly easy, you can do it alone or with a buddy. You can do it alone but you may not get it in 200 tames, that's where your buddy comes in, while you switch characters and/or go to another map to get tames, your friend will make sure no one attacks it while you are away.

~Taming sea creatures~
Taming Sea Creatures is kinda the same as taming land creatures except you do not necessarily need wings. Normally the critter will stay in the water while you're on land taming it.

~Taming Flying Creatures~
Taming things that fly is a little different than the others. Once you knock down the lie of a critter that can fly down to taming health you'll need to switch dims then come back. (Make sure you have a friend near the thing you're taming so it doesn't despawn). Once you do that it should stop attacking you and you'll be free to tame without too much trouble.

~Taming creatures that can heal~
Taming things that heal is a bit more challenging than taming anything else in my honest opinion, but anything is possible with faith, trust, and pixie dust :3. I highly suggest you go in with a friend so you can knock down its life more than it can heal itself. Once it is on its last bar of health have your friend switch dims then come back then once you get it down to taming health you switch dims while your friend watches it. After doing this the critter shouldn't see you or your friend as a threat and should no longer heal. You then should be able to tame without having to attack it anymore.

~Taming Lethal Creatures~
Taming Lethal things can be quite the challenge as well. What you're going to need is lots of roars. You can use the roars to knock down a lot of its life then use your normal attack to get it down to taming health. Be sure to run for your life if you're not wearing wings or if the creature can fly. (If you are taming it without the help of a buddy and it is a land creature make sure you stay in the air while taming.)

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2How to tame a pet Empty Re: How to tame a pet on Sat May 11, 2013 3:14 am

Good, good... Smile

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thank you ^^

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